Delegate your administrative and assistance tasks so that you can dedicate yourself exclusively to ENHANCE YOUR BUSINESS.


About Us


Through innovative solutions and personalised service with the highest quality and integrity, we simplify people’s working lives. We ensure better use of real time and organisation of your working day. We are committed to help grow your business.

Our services

We are specialists in:

» Personal Assistance

An Executive Assistant supports you in day-to-day and occasional tasks.

» Your virtual office

We help you with the set-up and start-up of your virtual office to speed up the productivity of your business.

» Administrative Support

Back-Office: administration and Management support with innovative tools, processes and working methods that will ensure the smooth run of your office.

» Content Writing

Content Writing Services for Blogs, Websites, Landing Page, RRSS or Presentations.

» Digital marketing

Ensure an active presence on your Social Media and update your website to generate new leads.

» Customer support

Because there is nothing more important than providing valuable service and proper attention to your customers.

We have the perfect solution that meets your expectations.

What are the main BENEFITS of hiring our services?

Customised Support

Personalised service adapted to your particular needs and those of your business / market.

Time Management

Better use of your time and better organisation of your work time. This will allow you to balance your personal and professional life.

High Quality Service

Efficient responses to administrative, secretarial and management needs with competitive price.

Reduction of Fixed Costs

Savings on physical space for your assistant, office supplies and equipment. Savings on benefits, bonuses and other components when having a secretary in your office. Savings on technological advances.

Confidentiality and Ethics

Our values are based on providing you with confidentiality and ethics in our daily work. You will have an assistant to delegate your sensitive or confidential matters. We offer a confidentiality contract.

Convenience and Innovation

Reduced labour risks and tax liabilities. Savings on sudden resignations, absences and holidays. Innovative solutions for your needs. We are in constant training to provide you with the best service every day with the latest technology.

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What is a Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant is an entrepreneur who offers thei services on an outsourced basis and provides support in all administrative and technical areas. Since a Virtual Assistant is an independent professional, they are not under a dependency relationship. Therefore, they charge for their services per hour worked or project completed and, this way, optimising costs for their clients.

What services does OFISA® provide?

To make your business grow, we offer telephone answering, online diary management, management and creation of your contacts database, correspondence management, email administration. Find the details in our SERVICES page.

Do not hesitate to contact us to meet your specific needs so that we can provide you with the service you require.

How do I communicate with my Virtual Assistant?

You can be in contact with us by telephone, WhatsApp, E-mail or Skype. We also offer other communication channels, adapted to your business structure.

Which are the benefits of hiring a Virtual Assistant?

  • Personalised service with effective management
  • Efficient responses to administrative needs
  • Highly satisfactory answers to your secretarial tasks
  • Better use of real time
  • Better organisation of the working day
  • Reduction of fixed costs
  • Reduced labour and tax responsibilities
  • Zero costs in technological advances
  • No need for physical space for your assistant

What are the rates of Virtual Assistance services?

Costs may vary according to the service needs of each client. It can be per contracted hour, per project or per monthly subscription. After a first meeting to analyse the case, we will send you a detailed quote via email.